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The Uneven Growth of Capitalism in India

Following the neoliberal reforms of the early 1990s, the Indian economy has consistently witnessed impressive GDP growth rates. The last-half century of the colonial rule—the notorious ‘British Raj’—generated an almost zero-growth economy, grinding poverty levels for the population, a stagnant agrarian setting, and a highly uneven industrial base. Once the British Raj was over, the post... Read More

Exxon versus Clean Energy

Environmentalists have long been pushing for a transition from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energies. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has said that people are running “the dumbest experiment in history” by continuing to burn oil, coal and gas. He argues that even if we find new ways to extract oil in tar sands or in the ocean, fossil fuel must come to an end either when they have... Read More

Rethinking The Moral Economy

Voluntourism: it’s the newest, hottest craze sweeping through first-world countries. According to Projects Abroad, the largest international volunteer abroad program, voluntourism is defined as engaging in “meaningful volunteer work while also participating in tourism…to get the best of both worlds”. It’s an appealing option to many people in developed nations, more than 1.6 milli... Read More

A Comparative Analysis of Climate Change Performance: Democracy versus Authoritarianism

Assessing the influence of democratic and authoritarian regimes on mitigation efforts

 The impact of anthropogenic activity, both at the industrial and private level, continues to exacerbate the issues surrounding climate change in today’s society. The possibility of future progress grows breaker due to limited action by nations to thwart the detrimental effects of c... Read More


The nuclear energy dilemma in Trump’s era

Introductions: context, debates, and urgency

After the Fukushima Daiichi disaster of 2011, nuclear energy has been facing challenge after challenge: global public support for nuclear energy generation has decreased, major countries with significant nuclear capacity have announced phase-outs or complete shutdowns of existin... Read More

Is an International Consensus on Climate Change Mitigation Possible?

Anthropogenic activity, both at the private and at the industrial level, continues to raise the salience of climate change. With the advent of new technologies and increased capacity in the scientific field, climate change has not only been proven to exist but has also been shown to have a detrimental impact on future generations. Despite this overwhelming evid... Read More

Is Democracy Intrinsic to Economic Development?

Over the past three decades, debate around the trade-off between democracy and development has acquired more visibility in academic circles—more so, in light of the spectacular economic growth rates that the authoritarian regimes in East Asia witnessed since the 1970s. Indeed, the impressive success of development on aggregate scale in undemocratic countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Singa... Read More

Arch Rivals vs. Arch Rivals: The Shuttle Diplomacy of India-Pak and Saudi-Iran

Geopolitics is not without its ironies. The global chess landscape offers great deal of intriguing incongruities to anyone with a keen insight. One of the best examples is that of neighbours who are bitter enemies involved in shuttle diplomatic overtures. We are talking about Indian and Pakistan in the context of diplomatically balancing another set of arch rivals – Saudi Arabia and Iran.

... Read More

The Three Pillars of Connected Insurance

Being connected has become the talk of the town, and insurance companies are surely one of the main interested parties in this discussion, some of them being actual promoters of change and innovation. Traditional players will have a tougher time adapting to the new paradigm, but my view is that they will have to adjust in the long term to the new rules of the game if they want to stay competiti... Read More

Puerto Rican Perils

A domestic economic crisis is taking place right now and has been for the past few years, and yet most Americans are completely unaware of the situation. This is likely due to the fact that this crisis is not located in any one of the fifty states. The territory of Puerto Rico is currently experiencing a massive fiscal and debt crisis. Years of economic depression, population decline, and capit... Read More