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The Botched Asian Growth Strategy

In recent years, many Asian economic powerhouses have seen declines in their GDP growth rates, pushing these nations to respond by declaring specific plans to restore their erstwhile robust development. This piece examines four such nations – Japan, Singapore, China, and India – and argues that in all cases, Asian growth strategies will be ineffective at achieving their goals because they a... Read More

Miracles of the New World: China, a weary warrior?


If China were an equity, I would short it.

While this, at present, might come across as a bold statement, my stance on the nation is not entirely unfounded. There indeed are a number of issues with the Chinese economy, which might raise a few eyebrows.

Perhaps the most important concern for any investor looking to invest in the country is its demographics. Thanks to ... Read More

China’s Reform Plan: Part I


On Nov. 12, China’s Third Plenum released its communiqué, immediately entitled by various media as “China’s Reform Plan.” To people familiar with the country’s institutions, it’s common knowledge that each generation of the Chinese leadership outlines its broad economic agenda at the Third Plenum, or the third major meeting of the Central Committee. Penetrating the st... Read More