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Government Policy, Inflation, and Exchange Rates in the Era of Sanctions: The Case of Contemporary Iran


The currency market has many players and it is considered one of the most efficient markets in the world.  When the value of a country’s currency decreases unexpectedly, the production sector of the economy has to endure higher prices of imported inputs and higher costs of production. While many companies in developed countries use the hedging instruments available in the marke... Read More

The Euro’s Darkest Hour

Grant Wonders makes the case for the imminent collapse of the euro currency. He calls for quantitative easing and the restructuring of Greek debt in order to save it.

From the window where I currently write, I can see the tip of the Reichstag dome that looms over the grey sky of Berlin. The sleek modern glass enclosure offers a skylight into the chamber of the Bundestag parliam... Read More